Saturday, December 21, 2013

12/21/13 - The Moving Finger

Returning to action just long enough to point out that LW3 (mum to Holly/Ivy/Gertrude) would, if the letter had been written fifteen or twenty ago, have been murdered by her husband so that he could marry the younger children's governess.

LW3 is a near-perfect parallel to Mona Symmington. Her first husband, Captain Hunter, was disagreeable and disreputable. His daughter, Megan, mooches about while Mrs S wishes Megan would get out on her own (although with a case, be it one taken too far), leaving her with her younger children and their father. (And, of course, the Aphrodite-resembling - at least before she opens her mouth and reveals a competent and kind but flat personality devoid of enchantment - Elsie Holland, but that's another chapter.)

TMF centred around two of my favourite crucial questions. Anonymous letters making wild and foul accusations are going around the village. Why don't the letters mention any of the real scandalous conduct being committed (as pointed out by the vicar's wife, there's plenty of adultery, but the letters never pair anyone with the actual partner involved)? And why is Elsie Holland, easily the only radiant beauty in the place and just the type of person to be meat and drink for the typical author of anonymous letters, practically the only person in the village who has not received one?