Thursday, January 6, 2011

1/6 - Take Two

Sadly, my seven hour post was lost when my connection went out. Of course, this box does not permit one to Copy. Great start to the year. I shall recapitulate as briefly as possible.

L1: Dislike all the prevarications coming from C1. Do they originate from SB1 or S1? Is LW1 really that sure the lawyer was such a good one, and that he really gave time and attention to the case? After all, some people think Claude Erskine Brown a good lawyer. Advised LW1 to send C1 and assorted family to the Dr Phil show to have C1 sorted out; odds are they will be. Was reminded of various cases involving offences against minors that were less clear-cut than appeared, but it's hard to imagine this being truly well looking for the Prevaricator.

L2: Asked FIL2 whether he knew he should take his wife to be checked unless he's enjoying her finally mistreating everyone else and not just him; MIL2 how LW2 was supposed to know about her allergies (or is it really H2's fault?), LW2 why she didn't insist on gifts to her being bought at the same budget to which she had to restrict herself, and H2 why he didn't supplement his wife's gift fund, as well as why, if she's returning the purse, his gift isn't going with it. Am fairly sure this is largely H2's fault. Advised Divorce.

L3: Was really irritated with the DIM LW3 wringing hands and worrying about how intrusive it would have been to have suggested to CW3 that he consult a doctor. It might have been intrusive or inconsiderate to suggest the diagnosis LW3 suspected, but really, would it have been that hard when there was a clear track record of trouble and CW3 had appeared quite open to suggestion? Was reminded of how all of Chambers tiptoed around not telling Wendy Crump that Claude was in trouble for having called her fat, and Wendy taking the final revelation without turning a hair.

L4: Advised Deception. Either bring in a professional poker player to the next game or decide to stand by the friend and pretend to believe that the accusers had been cheating for some time, and that part of the fun of the game was outwitting the cheat. Was reminded of Albert and later Henry fiddling with petty cash and Henry only being saved because Claude had been deducting the price of two pairs of pinstriped trousers from his income tax every year when he hadn't had new bags in a decade at least.


  1. Ahoy, hrumpole! I'm sorry to hear about your lost post. :-( But, as usual, what you have posted is very much on-target and wonderfully divined. I especially like your questions about FIL2 and his role/lack of role in the mess with MIL2.

    Wonderful stuff, as always! :-)

  2. I think you've pegged it on #2.

    I can copy here, but only small amounts of information at a time, like a small paragraph or a long sentence. After I click "yes" that it's okay to access my clipboard. Though sometimes, no matter what I do, it just throws me out when I try.

    I'm sure the original post was a true work of art.

  3. I did enjoy L2. Advising Divorce often cheers me up.