Thursday, March 24, 2011

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  1. That's it - the blog ate my post YET AGAIN.

    L1: I thought it sneaky of the Prudecutor to try to get LW1 to reunite with his wife and cut Peggy out. I made comparison to Emma Woodhouse's little friend, Harriet Smith, and advised LW1 to pass Peggy off to his family as his natural daughter. A win all round.

    L2: I suggested that LW2 might mention to management that they might provide a box for letters, similar to the way there was some address for people to write when there was that shooting tragedy in the Scottish primary school that actually had Andy Murray as a student at the time.

    L3: I wonder about LW3's possible Randism, and compared his wanting to wash his hands of the matter to the bickering in Dandylion Dead between the chemist and the doctor over which of them would provide the fee of five pounds required to investigate Major Armstrong's attempted poisoning of the chemist's son-in-law.

    L4: I advised against keeping the party a surprise, and was pleased that LW4 was a male willing to wade into the middle of a female feud.

    If this sort of thing persists, I may have to post each letter individually. I am really upset at the loss of a nice set of morals.