Thursday, August 11, 2011

8/11 - HA Continues

This week, Monday offers much better material than Thursday.  I shall dispose of Thursday quickly and then look at Monday.

L1:  Fear not, good sir.  There is no need to live out your days in dull and sober truth.  Many people your age think it entertaining to invent their own histories.  The idea is to make your stories extravagant.  Take for your role model Tom Ballard on Waiting for God.  Instead of making up stories about solving crimes, you gave Hercule Poirot the vital clue on the Orient Express; instead of affairs with women, you were the lover renounced by Miss Austen, etc.

L2:  Oh, good grief.  By all means speak to a supervisor, but wanting to preserve a semi-cordial relationship with someone who might well be not only evil but planning ton perpetrate that evil on other innocents is not sufficient motivation to withhold the truth.  Not to mention that allowing this bad adoption to go through unprotested will only give heterosexual adoption a black eye and run the risk of having the privilege rescinded from all the deserving opposite-sex couples, even if the jury is still out on whether OSCs raise children as well as SSCs.

L3:  Of course - what's human life weighed against the horrible crime of Appearing to Interfere with a Mother's Agency?  Be prepared to be expected to volunteer - a fitting penance.

L4:  Back to Animals 101 for you.  Dogs are pets for Single People, who use them to meet other Single People.  Those who are Married or Off the Market have Cats.  Ask any Female Couple.

Monday offers up three gems:  Lolito's boyfriend, Wife discovered friend's benefit, and Ashamed of sugar daddy.

ASD:  Your friends ought to adore your older boyfriend.  Don't worry; you at least have one thing in common given that you're all men.  And there is an advantage you have overlooked.  He can introduce your friends to his friends - prosperous friends, generous friends.  Why not?

WDFB:  The main point here is whether or not you like having a wife who is giving off signs of bisexuality.  Some women do like such a thing and some women don't.  Genuine lesbians (or gay men, for that matter) generally are able to take a past one-night stand between lifelong friends as quite typical, if indeed not to be expected.

LB:  Now, it is perfectly reasonable for LB to be furious at the seductress.  Sure, right, Lolito made all the running.  that's what she convinced him to think.  LB saved himself for the right man and was hoping he would get someone equally pure.  Alas, he has not drawn such a prize.

But LB is missing a golden opportunity, one that he already really at least half embraces.  Notice how he preens about Lolito's appeal to the older female.  One might reasonably deduce that LB is rather more plain in appearance.  The key, then, is to use Lolito's appeal to best advantage.  Pimp him out.  Set him up as a stripper for exclusive parties of female executives while the takings are good.

They can take as a role model Jacko Argyle from Ordeal by Innocence.  Although a rotter to the core, Jacko has always had charm, enabling him to cajole extra sweets from the strict Kirsten Lindstrom and wheedle a near-constant stream of cash from his adoptive mother.  Nobody is suprised that he apparently murders his mother when she cuts the supply.  His alibi of being picked up hitchhiking falls through, and he is hanged.  When the alibi, who'd forgotten the incident and been out of England during the trial, remembers Jacko and comes forward to prove him innocent, the investigation reveals Jacko's long history of stringing women along, repaying an employer he defrauded with money provided by the man's wife, and how Jacko's wife only turned up after the arrest, to the complete shock of the family.  It turns out, of course, that Jacko had connived the murder and taken the role of the obvious suspect, with the murder committed by an accomplice (another lovestruck older woman) at a time when he would be sure to give himself an alibi.  Had his wife not gone to his family after the arrest, the whole story might have come out rather earlier.

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