Thursday, November 3, 2011

11/3 - From the Sickbed

Very short address during flu time, then back to bed:

L1:  It's interesting that LW1 selects the Prudecutor, and also that (s)he goes from fantasy into thinking of an Affair. Perhaps there is something to the idea that a lifetime of One Partner Only if tossed deserves something more than a One Time Pickup. As for what to do, it may seem like the greatest idea in the world to open up the marriage, especially if LW1 is male.  But it would be prudent to beware.  Many is the man who has convinced his insufficiently thrilling wife, even against her inclination, that they should See Other People, only to find out, when they are both actually on the market, that she's become the Belle of the Ball while he can't even Buy a Vowel, so to speak.

L2:  LW2, used to stringency, can't cope without it - vaguely reminiscent of how Fanny Price has to fly the flag of Moral Uncompromise alone once Edmund Bertram wanders off into the laxity brought about by his increasing attachment to Mary Crawford. But one thing to consider is that, given LW2's sense of panic surrounding each individual email, if (s)he has not been singled out for criticism from the new employer, it's likely that (s)he might have to work far harder to lose the post than (s)he now realizes. At least LW2 ought to be able to address the situation and a cure at leisure.

L3:  Evidently LW3 needs to be in a situation where it is not required to give 5,347 reasons for everything one does. The Prudecutor's suggestion of a soup kitchen will do as well as any other. And Nancy's mother may well come in useful later. Should it turn out that LW3 and Nancy turn out to be closeted lesbians, they ought to be able to blackmail RM3 into giving them the wedding of their dreams should they ever decide to come out. One or two pieces of evidence suitable for blackmail are always useful to have in the back pocket.

L4:  If LW4 really thinks any worthwhile 14-year-old is blissfully unaware of her and H4's little habits, then maybe (s)he has been smoking a little bit more often than (s)he realizes. In fact, I'd be more concerned for the state of his wits if S4 were to be verified to be completely unaware of what's been going on. And there is for LW4 one bit of consolation if (s)he genuinely, as the Prudecutor guesses, wants the kid not to grow up to be like Daddy. There has been no noticeable unexplained diminishment in H4's stash. And I suppose it quite likely that the child of a Stoner would go through at least an extended period of being extremely Straight Edge.

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