Thursday, April 19, 2012

4/19 - Possible New Speed Record

Very short on time, I shall be as direct as possible.

LW4: Of course you aren't just interested in the size of what the Victorians would have called Alabaster Globes. Good luck convincing anyone of that. But, on the off-chance, try resorting to similar enhancement. Make it sufficiently blatant that it will draw public notice. Fun may ensue.

LW3: There are so many ways to play this. It is interesting that the Prudecutor seems to take this outlandish behaviour as all part of the normal process, which is far from a ringing endorsement of what has been lauded as being the bedrock of society.

Option A: Invite G3 over for a talk, and then drop all the innuendos in the book allowing him the opportunity to seduce you. There are certainly possibilities here, especially if your significant other can arrange to burst in on the encounter. At the very least, it will have given G3 time to decide whether he prefers to put up or shut up.

Option B: Make a tearful confession to F3. This has possibilities, in that F3 will likely reveal whether she is more interested in the wedding or the marriage. Of course, it could lead to an impersonation of a scene out of Dynasty. That could be either a selling point or a disincentive.

Option C: Do not mention the conversation to anybody, but either you or your significant other interrupt the ceremony. I think I have a slight preference for SO3 undertaking the assignment. This ought to cause the maximum quantity of drama for the greatest number, but truly needs someone of a sufficiently divaesque character to carry it off.

Option D: Don't attend. F3 won't miss you. G3 seems shaky enough as it is not to need to see you in the audience - if indeed he goes through with the ceremony at all.

Option E: Have an adult conversation with G3. Have you ever done so before?

LW1: Silly Guilly! Are you really completely unaware of how you have been treated all your life based solely on your surname, with perhaps your appearance for backup? Compare the treatment you receive to that given your mother. Maybe you've received other benefits along the way here or there. Far more likely any positive treatment you've received has been outweighed by negative discrimination, but not necessarily so. I'd be happy to be wrong here.

There are several considerations regarding the scholarship. One that seems to have eluded the dull eye of the Prudecutor is that your parents appear to have been angling for this with at least some semi-honest intent. They viewed Hispanic as the Flavour of the Month and were at least happy not to disillusion anybody who might react positively to the designation. You might be resentful that they preferred trying to grab a possible advantage to being truthful with you about your heritage. Perhaps it might be worthwhile to you in the long run to turn down the scholarship for that reason, although it seems like a hefty amount to make the point. You don't seem to have qualms about the scholarship as a whole on its own merits, which is fine; if you had, it would have been legitimate if again costly to decline. The scholarship will be given to somebody or other, and tuition in general will remain inflated in part due to the scholarship system. You pick your battle and you take your stand.

LW2: No, no, no, five thousand times, no. The Prudecutor obviously does not pay attention to the news. This wonderfully misogynistic country of ours is now jailing rape victims in an attempt to force them to testify or as punishment for violating a subpoena. What is the right thing for you to do is one thing. But you cannot put other victimized people at risk. Go to them yourself and urge them to come forward, perhaps, but conditions for victims are not such that it is safe to force any victim into the system.

Moral: "This is my wife. And this is what I would have. Judge me as you will."

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