Saturday, April 23, 2011

2/9 - I Punt

I expected today to be difficult. I think I'd have had a better time if my jury summons had been upheld. And here I was on a good week, too, having made the only constructive suggestions to Monday's LW whose inlaws were downright rude as stepgrandparents to her daughter. It was fortunate, though, that nobody ever had to inquire about They Who Must Not Be Named, or a kitten would have been endangered, and that would have been distressing. [I never even told Cat Griever that I still catch myself greeting my cats on occasion, and they've both been dead for more than five years, and that she should a) get a divorce, b) not get over the loss of the cat, but c) get over herself]

It did lead me to wonder which posters would make the best bridge players after a bit of tutelage. Allowing for varying likelihood of interest, I think I can tentatively advance Ms Physics as likely to become the best at declarer play and Ms Libby the best at defence, with various possibilities for the best bidder.

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