Saturday, April 23, 2011

4/21 - Return to Clay

So we reach the middle of April and once again Rafa starts winning tournaments. It's very reassuring, especially now that golf has become so unsettled. And maybe the excess hype about Serena as the female GOAT will die down if she ends up missing the entire year of majors.
Quick Thoughts -
L1: Wouldn't it be refreshing to have a LW complaining that his or her otherwise perfect companion is too skinny to set off the attraction bell? The devious solution would be for LW1 to get her to put him into the Friend Zone. Find out one of her passions and claim something incompatible with it. From the Friend Zone one can always attempt to affect a Magical Conversion and perhaps get out if the flow suddenly goes the way LW1 would prefer. I might ask whether LW1 is the sort of person with generally fluid dealbreakers or not, but can't really care much either way. The one bad thing to do would be to let D1 think it's all about the weight if LW1 intends to hang around for a while just in case. Then D1 will lose a few sizes, LW1 will shockingly discover that he still isn't attracted, and then where are we? The one potentially useful piece of knowledge is that D1 is the sort of person who likes getting a foot in the door and then winging it rather than putting her disadvantage clearly on the table at first. LW1 may get on better with one type than the other.
L3: If LW3 seriously wants to keep this person as a friend, then I am not going to throw good eggs after rotten ones to prevent LW3 from doing so.
L4: A technical question. I punt. Yes, it is noted that the Prudecutor does not have the deepest affection for practitioners of the legal profession. My guess is that she's probably been sued. I so hope her daughter grows up idolizing Susan Dey (Ms Dey being my guess as perhaps the most likely crush of the Submariner to have portrayed a lawyer) and dozens of other actresses who have undertaken legal roles (modesty prevents mention of Patricia Hodge, Samantha Bond and Abigail McKern).
L2: Now we come to one letter that is the closest of a meagre crop to worthwhile. It's not entirely easy to get a read on H2's family. The farm could be a sort of toy, or it could be a prime source of income and sustenance. Are we visiting the Petit Trianon or Sarn Mere? There seems to be a general consensus towards the latter, but running marathons hardly seems like the sort of recreational activity that would appeal to a farmer-for-profit.
Precious Bane seems the most apt comparison, when all the years of Gideon's and Prue's weary plowing have finally been rewarded, friends and neighbours gather from all around to bring in the harvest. But of equal importance is the Harvest Festival afterwards, at which there is much celebration (except perhaps from Sexton's daughter Tivvy) of Gideon's approaching wedding to Jancis Beguildy and his impending wealth, thanks to the Corn Tax. Even the bedraggled Prue gets a precious spell of time alone with Kester the weaver. And even the getting in of the harvest was not all pitching or baling or strenuous physical labour for twelve hours. Not that there were many sitting on the sidelines. Everyone had a role to play, and the women who didn't indulge in farm work were kept as busy as any, as were the children and even the retirees, right up to the oldest Callard. It seems hard to believe that there cannot be some supporting role or other.
Now LW2 seems to be fixating on the symptom rather than the disease. On some level she knows this. She has married into a family of wimp-shamers, which seems about on a par with marrying into a family of slore-shamers. H2 seems to have taken the classic role of fence-sitter to some extent, giving LW2 a little kinda-sorta support, but thinking that hay-baling properly belongs in the category of Upsucking, which, well... need I say it?
As to what LW2 ought to do, if divorce is seriously out of the question and she doesn't care to fake a pregnancy that she'll have to fake losing or aborting (or even produce a genuine pregnancy, which might require something in the way of outside assistance), then she and her husband ought to stage a huge fight right in the middle of the proceedings, throwing around the wildest and most exaggerated Drama Queen charges LW2 can devise beforehand. This ought to feel most enjoyable to both halves of the couple, LW2 in particular. Afterwards, H2 can simulate thorough exasperation with IL2s about how they just had to keep pushing and pushing until they just finally broke her and congratulations to them. They both storm off and let the IL2s eventually cave after a period of no contact. And if the IL2s never cave, then at least they both get out of hay baling.
Moral: "Aye, I sweated!" cried Granfeyther Callard, "I sweated proper!"

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