Thursday, March 15, 2012

3/15 - What Mrs Prudecutor Saw (Or Mainly Missed)

Without any preamble:

L4: "Months of sleuthing..." LW4 should either found a chapter of the Baker Street Irregulars or take up as an impersonator of Julia Sweeney. Were it not for the likelihood of gendered rest rooms, we'd have very little by which to guess.

L2: I've no idea where the Prudecutor came up with those nicknames, and don't want to know. As far as LW2 and S2's use of a questionable word, at least we can take it as progress of a sort that we can't just tell LW2's next child to take up golf or tennis - maybe badminton or table tennis, which would shift the stereotype to those of Asian descent. But I am depressed to think of how corporatized we've become that the main worry is really, when stripped to the bare bones, just a covered-up concern over how this will damage S2's Permanent record and render him Unemployable.

L3: "Your father wants the best for you?" Where on earth does the Prudecutor come up with that? I'll Love You When You're Like Me (or at least more what I want you to be) would be far more apt. But we have the possibility to Austensplain to F3 about money. Does LW3 agree more with Marianne Dashwood or Elinor? Remember, Marianne's idea of an income that she calls a competence is double Elinor's idea of wealth.

L1: While I feel I ought to recuse myself from the bulk of the letter, the Prudecutor completely missed LW1's question, instead going off on a rant of her own about her own view that she wishes to impose on the rest of society concerning the Nature of Marriage. Of course, she also completely misses the Bisexual Option as well, but that is standard for the Prudecutor. (In fact, now that I consider it, it would really serve the Prudecutor and many commenters right if H1 were to come out as bisexual and leave LW1 for a woman whose happiness didn't rest on his never realizing his true nature.)

I repeat the question: Is it terribly selfish of me to just enjoy my marriage for what it is and hope he never comes to the same realization I have?

Now had LW1 applied to an advisor with a bit more wisdom than the Prudecutor before writing her question, she might have been counseled to end the question after fifteen words instead of adding the Second Eleven. She would then have received an entirely different answer to what now follows: Divorce H1 at once. He deserves better.

As for how to lead into a discussion should LW1 decide to do so, as being direct and Using Her Words seems beyond LW1's capacities, I'll advise that she clarify their cheating policy on some pretext or other. That's probably a worthwhile thing for most couples to do on an infrequent but regular basis.

Trivia Question: Who was the first person to portray the wife of Dana Carvey's SNL character Lyle the Effeminate Heterosexual?

Moral: "Two thousand a year! One is my wealth! I guessed how it would end."

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