Thursday, March 22, 2012

3/22 - And That Matters Because.....???

This will be another speed record week.

L1: The Prudecutor appears to believe that it makes a difference that LW1 is propbably not in the same tip-top condition (s)he was (if we give hir the benefit of the doubt) in when the pair married. But what would the Prudecutor reply to a LW presenting with even better physical form than at the beginning of the relationship in question? I don't even think it really matters whether LW1's perception that W1 hides her thighs when changing is true.

What is clear is that LW1 (perhaps with an assist from W1; we can't say) has done nothing to foster an atmosphere in which the couple can discuss these matters. There is middle ground between You-Look-Perfect-to-Me-at-All-Times and I'm-Gone-the-Moment-You-Don't-Match-My-Ideal. I'll go farther than most and say that it does not really matter whether LW1 meant the opening bit or threw it in as pandering. What matters is that LW1 views a temporary, expensive and likely ineffective procedure as the first solution to a problem that is not going to diminish in time. And LW1 judges W1 not on the Wife Standard but on the Potential Wife Standard. This is an easy one. Divorce at once.

L2: The Prudecutor seems to think that it matters that some government official who has some form of scientific credentials has written a book trying to stake out some middle ground, or that some polling organization has put out a poll with results that suit its confirmation bias. Meh. Both the Prudecutor and LW2 seem to think that what matters is that the big mean bad atheists are going around all over the country if not the world trampling all over the feelings of religious believers everywhere. The Prudecutor in particular, who has doubtless learned her lesson from stealth candidates for local school boards, thinks that believers ought to be sneaking into positions of authority. She obviously approves of the complete kowtowing of the educational system of the entire country to the religious beliefs of the people on that board in Texas who decide the content of textbooks for all.

What LW2 doesn't specify is exactly what in hir book counts as being "insulting" of religion. This can be quite a wide range. After all, think of all the religious organizations who are being victimized because they are not being allowed to discriminate as they like against people they think bound for somewhere other than Heaven in the afterlife. Or, worse, those who think they are victimized not only because they aren't allowed to persecute people to the full extent of their desire, but because government does not join them in the persecution they want to see. Is LW2 conflating non-acquiescence with ridicule? Or are hir co-workers genuinely bigoted, even if they are necessarily so on a far lesser scale than the reverse, and with far less power?

Another point is that LW2 uses the word seem. If the co-workers haven't been drawn out sufficiently to be firmly behind their prejudicial beliefs, assuming their beliefs to be so, then what can be done about the situation? Is LW2 capable of making a reasonable case to back up mixing science and faith? Would (s)he feel equally out of place surrounded by fundamentalist co-workers who would jump on any sign that an outsider didn't take every word of the Bible as literal truth? I could go on. But I keep coming back to the place that, while these are not situations one would want in an ideal world, the feelings of religious people in one of the ridiculously overnumbered areas in which they are in the minority come low on the priority list. I'll get around to them in time when I run the universe - but I suspect they view their cause as more important than teen suicide.

L3: LW3 seems to think it matters what to do if A, then if B, then if C when A is not necessarily near happening yet. As far as his ongoing quarrel with his adoptive mother, I'd ask why he isn't relieved to be free of such a homophobe?

The Prudeuctor seems to think that rebuilding the rotten relationship with AM3 matters. Why? Plenty of people do fine without a mother. Not that BM3 necessarily will or can replace AM3, or that she can be approached in such a spirit, but stranger things have happened.

It would have been nice to have confirmation about the rift, but I like my guess.

L4: The Prudecutor doesn't do too badly on this one. LW4 seems to think that A4 gets a say in the sale of the necklace or has to be consulted first. Why on earth?

Moral: "I can get you any numbers you like."